Living + Teaching in Vichy, France

Population: 25,325
Département: Allier

Where to Drink

Where to Eat


Le Comptoir
5 Place de la Gare

L'Escargot Qui Tète
84 rue de Paris

Four à Bois
15 Avenue du Président Doumer

e Comptoir
5 Place de la Gare

Les Ambassadeurs
12 Boulevard de Russie

Where to Party + Dance

Best Spot to Grab a Coffee


Venus Barista Coffee Shop
15 Passage de l'Amirauté

Le Brazilia
21 Avenue du Président Doumer

e Gaulois
105 Avenue des Célestins


Must-See | Must-Do

Museums to Visit


L'Aventure Michelin
32 rue du Clos Four

  • Attend an event at l'Opéra de Vichy
  • Visit Le Puy de Dome + Le Pal
  • Fêtes Napoleon III (April) 

Ideas for Day + Weekend Trips

Day Trips: Charroux, Montluçon, Saint-Pourçain, Saint-Nectaire

Weekend Trips: Lyon

Pleasant Walks

Outdoor Activities

  • Nearby hiking + skiing
  • Along the Allier River

Housing Examples

  • 160€ per month living at the student residences in school
  • Starting at 350€ per month for a furnished apartment in centre-ville

Worst Things About City

Best Things About City

  • Beautiful region of France
  • The calmness + serenity of the town
  • Many wonderful parks
  • he Allier River is simply lovely
  • Transportation out of Vichy can be difficult (must first go to  Lyon before other cities + regions in France despite its  central location)

Pro-Tips from Past + Current Teaching Assistants

  • Take advantage of sunny days to go outside and enjoy nature.
  • Vichy may be small, but it's beautiful and clean. It's a proud town.


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