Living + Teaching in Tarbes, France

Population: 46,433
Département: Hautes-Pyrénées

Garden | Walks | Small

 Tarbes, France | Photo courtesy of @soyouthinkyoucan_france

Tarbes, France | Photo courtesy of @soyouthinkyoucan_france

Where to Drink

Where to Eat


Viet Wok
1 Cours de Reffye

La Maison Berger
33 rue Maréchal Foch

Very Sushi'c
10 rue Despourrins

La Mie Caline
6 Place Verdun

TAL 36
Place du Marché Brauhauban

Les Galopins
8 Avenue des Forges

Le Celtic Pub
1 rue de l'Harmonie

Le Bistrot de l'Europe
9 Place Verdun

Where to Party + Dance

Best Spot to Grab a Coffee


19 Place Marcadieu

Couleur Café
41 rue Brauhauban

Le Bistot de l'Europe
9 Place de Verdun

a Maison Berger
33 rue Maréchal Foch

La Colonne
Place Jean Jaurès




R & G Room
15 Place du Verdun

Must-See | Must-Do

Museums to Visit


Musée Massey | Historical
Rue Achille Jubinal

Musée de la Déportation et de la Résistance
3 rue Georges Lassalle

  • Gavarnie
  • Walk along the Adour River
  • Jardin Massey
  • Visit the Lourdes sanctuary and rehistoric grottos

 Jardin Massey, Tarbes, France | Photo courtesy of @soyouthinkyoucan_france

Jardin Massey, Tarbes, France | Photo courtesy of @soyouthinkyoucan_france

Ideas for Day + Weekend Trips


Pleasant Walks

Outdoor Activities

  • Hiking and skiing in nearby Pyrénées
  • Visiting nearby Bagnèrres-de-Bigorre (village) and Pic du Midi (mountain) by bus from Tarbes
  • Treating yourself to local baneothérapies (thermal spas) 

Housing Examples

  • 300€ per month for an apartment with roommate (water and electricity included)

Worst Things About Tarbes

Best Things About Tarbes

  • Ideally situated between Toulouse and Pau
  • Located close to the Pyrénées Mountains
  • Size of city is comfortable - not too big, not too small
  • Good weather usually
  • The people in Tarbes are generally very nice
  • Lots of history and nearby châteaux
  • Jardin Massey
  • Beautiful mountain views!
  • Small size (around 40,000 people)
  • Can be difficult to get to the mountains without a car
  • Can be complicated to get to the Toulouse airport (can take up to two hours to get there)
  • Plane tickets from nearest airports (in Pau and Lourdes) are  very expensive and/or very early in the morning
  • Eventually will run out of new restaurants and bars to visit  
  • Inconvenient and infrequent bus

Pro-Tips from Past + Current Teaching Assistants

  • Make friends! The people here are truly kind and they'll help you get around to other places in the region.
  • Ask if any other assistants are looking for roommates and are interested in renting together.
  • Ask teachers and people you meet if they know anyone looking for a roommate.
  • Contact a study abroad program in a nearby city (such as Pau) and ask them to put a housing ad up for you on their page.
  • Air BnB can be a good place to ask questions and to stay with people who know about Tarbes (at least initially).
  • Eat at Viet Wok! It can be a bit of a wait because they're popular, but they're so nice and will remember your regular order!


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