Living + Teaching in Montmorillon, France

Population: 6,898
Département: Vienne

Where to Drink

Where to Eat


Where to Party + Dance

Best Spot to Grab a Coffee


La Terrasse Salon du Thé
Rue du Vieux Pont

*other cafés around
Place du Maréchal Leclerc*



Must-See | Must-Do

Museums to Visit


Musée du Macaron
4 Boulevard du Strasbourg

  • Carnaval in March
  • Christmas markets in December

Ideas for Day + Weekend Trips


Pleasant Walks

Outdoor Activities

  • Old town of Montmorillon (also known as the Cité de l'Ecrit) 
  • Along the banks of the river

Housing Examples

  • 100€ per month for a shared apartment in the high school residence (Fee includes
    shared costs of wifi and utilities)

Worst Things About Montmorillon

Best Things About Montmorillon

  • A very beautiful and picturesque area in the countryside
  • Locals are extremely friendly
  • A great opportunity to improve French language skills

  • Very quiet
  • Not many young people around
  • Difficult to access neighboring towns without a car

Pro-Tips from Past + Current Teaching Assistants

  • It is necessary (but worth it!) to put in a bit of effort to find things to do or to get involved in around town.
  • There is a train that runs between Limoges and Poitiers, and then from Poitiers, it's possible to reach other places in France.
  • It is suggested to buy the TER (local train) 'carte jeune' discount card to be able to travel around the region for half the price.
  • There is a local cinema with low-priced tickets for a large range of French and Anglophone films, occasional ballets, and operas.
  • As an assistant and a new resident, you get free membership to the Mediathèque which has loads of films, books, newspapers, CDs and DVDs to borrow.


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