Living + Teaching in Lyon, France

Population: 484,344
Département: Rhône

Unforgettable | Historic | Magic

 Lyon, France | Photo courtesy of Leonard Cotte

Lyon, France | Photo courtesy of Leonard Cotte

Where to Drink

Where to Eat

Les Petites Cantines
37 rue Saint-Pierre de Vaise

Le Moulin à Salades
49 Avenue des Frères Lumière

85 rue Paul Bert

Yaafa Falafel
17 rue d'Algérie

Frite Alors! 
20 rue Terme

Jardin des Pentes
20 Montée des Carmélites

Pâtes Vivantes
9 rue Mercière

Les Délices de Liban
86 Montée de la Grande-Côte

Café Vert
1 Montée des Épies

Jardin des Pentes
20 Montée des Carmélites

The Kitchen Café 
34 rue Chevreut

12 rue Tupin

Aux Trois Maries
1 rue des 3 Maries

Aux 24 Colonnes
10 rue des 3 Maries

La Pinte Douce
7 Place Colbert

La Shalala
95 Montée de la Grand Côte

Les Poupées Russes
19 rue Désirée

Volle Petrol
1 Quai Victor Augagneur

8 Quai Claude Bernard

20 rue Lanterne

Betty's Bar
4 rue Mourguet

Wallace Bar
rue Thomassin

The Saint James
19 rue Saint-Jean

The Smoking Dog
16 rue Lainerie

Where to Party + Dance

Best Spot to Grab a Coffee

Chacun à Sa Tasse
2 rue du Griffon

Puzzle Café
4 rue de la Poulaillerie

Café Vert
1 Montée des Épies

9 rue de l"Ancienne Préfecture

Café de la Ficelle
Avenue du Doyenné

La Boîte à Café
3 rue de l'Abbé Rozier

Sur Le Bout de La Langue
3 Place Sathonay

Le GentleCat | cat café
6 rue du Général Plessier

Musée Gadagne (on the roof)
1 Place du Petit Collège

Away Hostel + Coffee Shop
1 rue Alsace Lorraine


e Bec à Jazz
19 rue Burdeau

Le Sucre
50 Quai Rimbaud

Le Loft Club
7 rue Renan

rue Jacques Stella


Must-See | Must-Do

Museums to Visit


Musée des Beaux-Arts
20 Place des Terreaux

Musée des Confluences
86 Quai Perrache

Musée d'Art Contemporain
81 Quai Charles de Gaulle

Musée de la Miniature et du Cinéma
60 rue Saint-Jean

Musée Gadagne
1 Place du Petit Collège

La Demeure du Chaos
7 rue de la République

  • Neighborhood of Vieux Lyon
  • Parc Tête d'Or
  • Stroll around the city and taking in its history
  • Find Lyon's secret passages, known as les traboules
  • The markets along the Saône River
  • La Fête des Lumières in December
  • See the view from Basilique Notre Damn de Fourvière
  • Quais du Polar (March/April) book festival
  • See a performance by the orchestra (tickets start at 10€) 
  • Visit La Demeure du Chaos (outdoor museum) 
  • rowse Les Puces du Canal (flea market!) 
 Lyon, France | Photo courtesy of Sara Meyers

Lyon, France | Photo courtesy of Sara Meyers

Ideas for Day + Weekend Trips

  • Pérouges (medieval city)
  • Château de Fallavier and the surrounding forest
  • Annecy
  • Vienne
  • Turin, Italy
  • St. Alban-de-Roche
  • Cremieux
  • Pérouges
  • Vienne

Pleasant Walks

Outdoor Activities

  • Run in Lyon and the Color Run
  • Nearby hiking and skiing in the Alps
  • Using the city's biking system, Velov, to cyclehrough the city streets
  • iking Les Monts d'Or
  • Biking along Via Rhône
  • Hiking in and around the surrounding villages
  • long the banks of the Saône and Rhône Rivers
  • rom Confluences to Parc de la Tête d'Or
  • Fourrière and La Croix Rousse
  • Musée Urbain Tony Garnier
  • Towards Jardin de Chartreux
  • All over town! 

Housing Examples

  • 300€ per month for an apartment with two roommates
  • 400-500€ per month renting a room in centre ville (wifi and utilities included)
  • 600€ per month for huge studio in the charming Vieux Lyon neighborhood (great building and in one of the best neighborhoods)
  • 650€ per month for a studio in Vieux Lyon (with 270€ received each month from the CAF)

Worst Things About Lyon

Best Things About Lyon

  • Lyon is a dynamic, safe, and inexpensive city
  • The landscape and history join together and produce an  extraordinary place.
  • Close proximity to Paris, Italy, and Switzerland
  • The locals are very friendly and helpful
  • Despite its great size, you never get lost
  • Great public transport system with the metro, tram, and buses
  • The markets along the river in the mornings
  • The two-hill/two-river landscape
  • Finding an apartment can be expensive and difficult
  • Having to commute to work if you work in the suburbs
  • Weather can be gray most days
  • o sea or ocean nearby

Pro-Tips from Past + Current Teaching Assistants

  • Get out, make French friends and think about the value of having a French roommate to practice your French
  • troll around the city and learn all there is to know about Lyon's unique history!
  • Meet new people at Moi J'm'en Fous Je Triche (an activities club with all types of boardgames).
  • Go to the markets along the banks of the Saône in the morning for the best local products and a great view of the Fourvière. On Saturday mornings, there are also book sellers along the Saône.
  • Finding an apartment in Lyon in September and October is hell. Trying finding one earlier on or in Facebook groups. And living with French roommates is better for your French than living alone!
  • Participate A LOT in the life of the city. Always be sure to take event advertisements and posters in front of libraries to see each month's opportunities.
  • Venture out into the surrounding little cities in the countryside
  • Walk everywhere. Literally, everywhere. The city itself is gorgeous and there are plenty of towns nearby that are darling and very  enjoyable to explore. St. Alban-de-Roche, Cremieux, Pérouges, Vienne, and there's a number of Roman aqueducts sprinkled into the surrounding area.
  • Hike up to La Fourvière for the view and if there is late-afternoon haze over Vieux Lyon, it's simply magic!
  • There are great local concert venues, including Marché Gare and L'Épicerie Modern

 Jardin des Curiosités, Lyon, France | Photo courtesy of Leonard Cotte

Jardin des Curiosités, Lyon, France | Photo courtesy of Leonard Cotte


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