Living + Teaching in Laon, France

Population: 25,317
Département: Aisne

 Laon, France | Photo courtesy of Adrien Tutin 

Laon, France | Photo courtesy of Adrien Tutin 

Where to Drink

Where to Eat


La Rose des Sables
7 rue Roger Salengro

10 Place Saint-Julien


Le Gibus
14 Place Saint-Julien

Best Spot to Grab a Coffee

Where to Party + Dance


Les Arcades
6 rue du Bourg

The Odyssey
Rue 13 Octobre

Pleasant Walks

Must-See | Must-Do


**The entire Ville Haute of Laon, 
especially around the ramparts that go
ll around the top of the mountain.

  •  Laon Cathedral
  • Chapelle des Templiers
  • L'Église Saint Martin
  • The ruins of l'Abbaye de Vauclaire
  • Visit the cathedral + les hortillonages in Amiens
  • Day trips to Reims + Giverney + Saint Quentin
  • Weekend trips to Paris + Amiens

Housing Examples for TAPIF Assistants

  • 0€ per month living in the school residences (all basic necessities minus wifi - see 'Pro Tips!')

Worst Things About Laon

Best Things About Laon

  • The calmness + serenity of the village
  • The incredible view from the Ville Haute  
  • Not much to do for young 20-somethings to do (aside from  going out to the few bars around town)
  • Only one major, easily-accessible grocery store in town  (Carrefour)

Pro-Tips from Past + Current Teaching Assistants

  • Laon is separated into the Ville Haute + the Ville Basse (upper + lower city); if you don't have a car, you must rely on colleagues,  taking the bus + walking up/down the mountain.
  • Not having wifi connected in the student residences is not a problem! All you have to do is to add it to your cell phone plan and  use your phone's hotspot to connect your laptop to the Internet. For example, assistants have done this with the 50GB/month plan  with the phone company, Free.
  • There are typically four teaching assistants each year in Laon, split up between the two schools.
  • The north of France can get very cold + those suffering from seasonal depression may be at risk from November to March, where  there will be days + days of constant fog/rain + weeks without sunshine.
  • Most of the teachers in Laon are supportive + very aware of social justice issues.

 Laon, France | Photo courtesy of Adrien Tutin

Laon, France | Photo courtesy of Adrien Tutin


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