Living + Teaching in Coutances, France

Population: 9,546
Département: Manche

Where to Drink

Where to Eat


La Rose des Sables
4 Place du Général de Gaulle

Marmara Kebab
8 Place de la Poissonnerie

Le Triskel
10 rue Louis Beuve

Le Cuba
6 Place de la Poissonnerie

Where to Party + Dance

Best Spot to Grab a Coffee


Aux Trois Pilliers
1 rue des Halles

La Taverne du Parvis
18 Place du Parvis Notre Dame

Le Triskel
0 rue Louis Beuve

e Triskel
10 rue Louis Beuve

Le Cuba
6 Place de la Poissonnerie

Must-See | Must-Do

Museums to Visit


usée Quesnel-Morinière
2 rue Quesnel-Morinière

  • Mont Saint-Michel
  • Spend a night out in Rennes
  • Jazz Sous Les Pommiers (jazz festival) 
  • Coutances Cathedral
  • Stroll through the Public Garden

Ideas for Day + Weekend Trips

  • Rennes
  • Caen
  • Cherbourg
  • Saint-Malo
  • Granville,
  • Dol

  • Mont Saint-Michel

  • ersey


Pleasant Walks

Outdoor Activities

  • Nearby surfing beaches
  • Strolling through the nearby fields + hills

Housing Examples

  • 0€ per month living in the student residences

Worst Things About City

Best Things About City

  • The welcoming + friendly locals
  • Normandy is beautiful + full of history
  • Gray + rainy weather

Pro-Tips from Past + Current Teaching Assistants

  • Never refuse a drink from a Norman!
  • ring a raincoat + umbrella if you live in or visit Normandy.


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