Living + Teaching in Bordeaux, France

Population: 239,157
Département: Gironde

Wine | Culture | Bordelais

 Bordeaux, France | Photo courtesy of @soyouthinkyoucan_france

Bordeaux, France | Photo courtesy of @soyouthinkyoucan_france

Where to Drink

Where to Eat

Le Petit Bois
18 rue de Chai des Farines

Le Catering
4 rue des Ayres

137 Cours Victor Hugo

4 Cours du Juillet

**Great Cafés + Restaurants around:
Place de la Victoire
Rue Saint Rémi
Place du Parlement

Houses of Parliament
11 rue Parlement Sainte- Catherine

Bodega Bodega
4 rue Pilier de Tutelle

No Name
1 Quai Armand Lalande

The Grizzly Pub
2 Place de la Victoire

**Grabbing some beers + heading

with friends o the Miroir d'Eau **

Best Spot to Grab a Coffee

Where to Party + Dance

Café Auguste
Place de la Victoire

Black List Café
27 Place Pey Berland

32 rue Cheverus


Le Theatro
24 rue de la Faïencerie

Quai Armand Lalande

Houses of Parliament
1 rue Parlement Sainte-Catherine

Must-See | Must-Do

Museums to Visit

Musée d'Aquitaine
20 Cours Pasteur

Musée National des Douanes
Place de la Bourse

ité du Vin
134 Quai de Bacalan

  • The Miroir d'Eau
  • Place Pey Berland
  • Take a trip to nearby Arcachon
  • Grand Théâtre at Place de la Comédie
  • Stumble upon old churches + buildings | Nice architecture
  • Enjoy a picnic on the quai
  • Take advantage of the delicious Bordeaux wine
  • Visit the surrounding châteaux of wine

Outdoor Activities

  • Walking + Jogging along the Garonne River
  • Cycling through the enchanting city streets
  • Spending time in the Jardin Public
  • Skating at the skatepark on the quai •

Housing Examples

  • 280€ per month for a shared apartment (with two roommates)
  • 80€ per month for a studio

Worst Things About City

Best Things About City

  • Tram and bus service reaches everywhere + is inexpensive
  • Cost of living is relatively affordable
  • A great place to experience authentic French culture
  • Centre ville is extremely beautiful
  • There is not much to do on Sundays
  • There can be sketchy groups around at any given time (as in   any city, always pay attention to your surroundings)

 Miroir d'Eau, Bordeaux, France | Photo courtesy of Guillaume Flandre

Miroir d'Eau, Bordeaux, France | Photo courtesy of Guillaume Flandre


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