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Assistant Spotlight with Amber Sweat

I knew I wanted to eventually feature Amber on the So You Think You Can France  blog when I'd watch her Instagram stories (really!!). Although we've never met (although I know I will when I venture up to my sweet Paris!), I just had a hunch that she was a rad chick because of her mentions of cool lessons she was planning, how she was making her life in Aubervilliers (just outside of Paris) her very own, and her boldness at being silly and real for people watching!

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Assistant Spotlight with Anne Donnelly

Anne is a TAPIF queen. This is her third year as an assistant. She's currently in Marseille teaching in a primary school, but she's also taught in Chambéry near Grenoble. In the 'related posts' section at the end of this post, check out her two guest posts on working in French primary schools for ALL the tips from Anne! Honestly, she's such a wonderful resource for all teaching and living in France questions, and I'm SO happy to 'host' her here on Assistant Spotlight! Enjoy her rad insights!

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Assistant Spotlight with Pavel

Meet Pavel. I had seen a few of Pavel's videos on his YouTube channel, Aftashkola Teachers, and I knew I wanted to feature him on So You Think You Can France. For one thing, he shares my vision of wanting to make it more transparent in terms of what teaching assistants should expect in France. He also just seems to be having a RAD freakin' time living his Paris life and that, in itself, is inspiring! 

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