TAPIF Thanksgiving: How to Celebrate in France


Gobble, gobble!!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! For those of you who are far from home, here are some ideas for having a fun, festive, and frrrreaking delicious Thanksgiving holiday all the way over here in France!

1. Gather friends for a Friendsgiving - Invite all of your other assistant friends and new French friends with a Facebook invitation and have everyone bring one item to share!

2. Search for cafes or restaurants putting together a special Thanksgiving dinner and bring a friend or loved one! Usually big cities will have a significant American expat community, so some restaurants will want to cater to those clients for the holiday!

3. Share the holiday with your students - Put together some great Thanksgiving-themed lessons and activities and teach your students about the American tradition. 

5. Share this video with your students (and also just everyone you know) to illustrate typical family "debates" at Thanksgiving ;)

6. Chat with your family over Messenger, WhatsApp, or Skype - usually this is the time when homesickness starts to kick in - so make sure to spend some extra time "with" your family and friends.

7. Take a moment to feel grateful for living your dream in France (let's be real, the you from a couple years ago would give you a proud pat on the back right now for making it all the way here and living your best French life!)

8. Bring something special to share with your colleagues in the salle des profs (pumpkin pie anyone? Or some sort of apple or pumpkin tart!)

9. Ask your students what they're thankful for - Activity idea: have them write down three things they're thankful for and then have them share with you and the class.

10. Do a word association on the board and have students tell you everything they know about Thanksgiving (turkey, pilgrims, etc.) - they might surprise you by knowing a lot more than you imagined!!