TAPIF: How to Cut the Cost of Your Commute in Half

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I don't know if you've heard, but if you take public transportation to work and you have a monthly subscription to a metro/bus/train/tram service, you're eligible of getting 50% of your monthly cost reimbursed directly to your bank account!

Keep reading to find out how! (Because we all know that we should be keeping every little euro in our pockets for a rainy day!)

How to Get Reimbursed for Half of Your Transportation Costs

1. Make sure that you have a MONTHLY subscription to whatever transport company you use. In Toulouse, the bus/metro/tram company is called Tisséo. If you're taking a commuter train to go to work through SNCF, then the company would be SNCF. In Paris, your PassNavigo is through RATP. You get the picture! But it's important that you have a monthly  (or yearly) pass because the reimbursements do not work for individual transport tickets (i.e. you only buy your ticket twice a week, at the station.)

ALSO, make sure to have saved receipts of your monthly payment for your transport card! You'll need to send in this form of documentation along with the form, so make sure to take a receipt when you purchase your monthly train/bus pass!

2. Go see your friendly secretariat  at school (hopefully they're friendly - otherwise, just get in and out without disturbing anyone too much!) Ask for a form that allow you to get reimbursed for transportation costs. 

I think I scrambled by with something like "Bonjour! Je vous dérange? J'ai entendu que je pouvais être remboursée pour mon abonnement de train. Est-ce que vous pouvez me donner le document pour ça?"

3. Your secretariat  should either have the form on hand or they can print it directly for you to fill out. I took mine home and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was as hyper-complicated as I'd expect any French administrative form to be. 

4. Forms may vary by different académies , but I've attached what mine looked like below.

Notes: your numéro de sécurité sociale will be on your carte vitale or provisional carte. If you haven't received this yet, I would just keep your monthly receipts and send them all together (with a different form for each month) when you have a proper social security number.

Grade: assistant de lange
Discipline: anglais  (or whatever language you're teaching)

For all other boxes and blanks you can't figure out, just ask your secretariat  for guidance and try to keep a copy of the completely-filled-out document for use on next month's reimbursement send-in!

5. Attach your receipt to the box that says 'euillez agrafer ci-dessous le coupon correspondant.'

6. Make a copy of the front and back of your bus/metro/train card to include with the file. 

7. Give everything to your secretariat. 

Your file should include 3 things: the completed form (2 pages), your receipt for your monthly transport pass attached to the form, and a photocopy of the front and back of your transport card/pass!


ver here, in order to live our best French lives, every little centime counts! Go out and treat yourself with your reimbursed money!