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1-Hour Live Webinar Recap: What It's ACTUALLY Like in the French Classroom

This is the first time I've ever done something like this, and I'm a ball of nervous energy and excitement. I can do this, I keep telling myself, I'm not going to freeze up, I'm just not. It's all going to be fine!!! And as the clock strikes 3am in my little Spanish room, I cross my fingers that YouTube won't randomly shut down or that it won't prohibit my live stream from, well, live streaming. Lights, camera...action!

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TAPIF Problem: Too Much Time Between Classes

Here’s the thing. While working as teaching assistants in France, we are allotted 12 hours of IN-CLASS work per week. However, that does not mean that we spend EXACTLY 12 hours per week at our respective educational establishment(s) and the rest at home. Sometimes, you may have an hour break between a block schedule of classes. Other times, this break may last a few hours.

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TAPIF: Should You Choose Primary or Secondary School?

Guys, I’m just going to start by saying (as we all already know too well by now) that every situation is different. So, I asked a few other teaching assistants what the best + worst things about their own teaching experiences were in order to provide some examples of how teaching at the primaire level (elementary-aged) differs from teaching at the secondaire level (middle + high school). 

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