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TAPIF: How to Cut the Cost of Your Commute in Half

I don't know if you've heard, but if you take public transportation to work and you have a monthly subscription to a metro/bus/train/tram service, you're eligible of getting 50% of your monthly cost reimbursed directly to your bank account! Keep reading to find out how! (Because we all know that we should be keeping every little euro in our pockets for a rainy day!)

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4 Ways to Supplement Your TAPIF Income

Alright, friends.  So, as we all know - our assistant salary in France, though oft-argued that it "enables language assistants to live comfortably in France," might not be as comfortable as we would all like (or need)... Thankfully, there ARE ways to earn money on the side - as long as you know the right places to find them (hint: keep reading!) and work hard to put yourself out there, you'll be able to support yourself a whole lot more comfortably! 

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How I'm Saving More Money Than EVER With TAPIF

I’m going to just come out with it: I work as a teaching assistant in France while JOINTLY working with a host-family as a live-in au pair. And I’m saving more money than I have in a long, long time. The thing is, in living with a host-family, my rent and meals are covered. Think about it: renting an apartment costs (ball-park) anywhere from 300€ to 600€ per month. 

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