7 Reasons Why I Freaking LOVE Living in France

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Here are my top seven (of many!) reasons why I freaking LOVE living and teaching English in France! Enjoy, friends!

1. Legal Resident status

Teaching in France grants people a 7-month (minimum) visa to gallivant about without fear of limited tourist visa dates (3 months). When I go back for my new visa in August, I'm going to check at the consulate to see if I can get it extended for a full year for 2017-2018. I'll smile big and ask nicely and hope, hope, hope that they'll grant it!

2. French lifestyle 

I don't know about you, but I'm freaking obsessed with any and all things pertaining to French culture and lifestyle. I personally think I was born in the wrong country. This opportunity was perfect for giving me an authentic experience of what it's really like to live the French lifestyle instead of trying to fake it in California (believe me, I tried! Good quality fruit can be expensive!!) While living in France can be challenging at times, I'll take the ups and the downs any day to live here!

3. Achieving French Fluency

I've lived in France now, collectively, for a year and a half (after a semester in Paris and extended trips after university), and I can honestly say my French is the best it's ever been! I was so pleased to notice just the other day whenever I would pass anyone on the street, I automatically knew what they were talking about despite not having the context of the conversation.

4. Health and Access to Healthcare

Living in France definitely does wonders for personal health. Not only are habits and food quality generally better, but there seems to be an overall emphasis on all-around health and a balanced lifestyle. People aren't obsessive about staying fit and being 100% healthy but they also aren't lazy or snacking all day. I love the healthy balance of living here!

5. French Friends

Something I've always noticed about living between France and America is the different types of relationships and friendships you find with Americans and the French. In my opinion, it is super easy to make American friends but relatively easy to drift apart after not much time; whereas with my French friends, it can take a while to get to know each other and to break the barrier of awkward pre-friend zone, but once you do, you're in for life. That's not to say I don't have amazing and deep life-long American friends, but there's definitely a different quality of building relationships in France that I really love.

6. Wine + Cheese

Don't really need to elaborate on this. But it's the bon qualité, so there's no skimping on good taste around here!

7. French Love

There's nothing I love more than exploring little villages or cooking delicious meals with my boyfriend, who's arguably the Frenchest person I know. I love embracing life's petits plaisirs with him. If the opportunity for love arises while in France (as it should!!), I highly recommend taking it and running with it. You won't be disappointed, especially in this romantic country. 

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Alex Morton