30 Reasons Why I Love Teaching English in France

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While life teaching abroad (or just teaching in general) isn’t always the most amazing thing ever, I decided to come up with a list of 30 reasons why I’m so grateful for exactly where I am right now in life - in my little French high school just outside of Toulouse. I hope other teaching assistants can connect with this and that future assistants will use it as inspiration for their upcoming time as teaching assistants in France!

30 Reasons Why I Love Teaching English in France

  1. It gives me the time and freedom to pursue my fun and creative projects.
  2. I get to gain confidence and to build my skills in organization, public speaking.
  3. I get to share my native English with students who need to learn it for school and in life.
  4. I get to learn from lovely French teachers who are actually awesome individuals!
  5. I get to learn from French students - who are actually awesome individuals, as well!
  6. I get to encounter cultural differences in real life and work.
  7. I get to experience another country’s work environment and lifestyle expectations - which definitely makes me think critically about the American work system.
  8. I get to build strong relationships with my students and fellow teachers.
  9. I get to leave a lasting impression on French high school students who will look back on their days of learning English and remember how they felt learning it.
  10. I get to show French students that there are other ways of life, learning, and working in other countries around the world.
  11. I get to test myself mentally and rejoice in overcoming stressful obstacles.
  12. I get to learn about French youth and cultural/societal expectations, desires, and habits.
  13. I get to demonstrate the fact that the face of America is NOT as it is depicted on most media outlets - despite current events and leadership.
  14. I get to challenge myself by creating engaging content and lessons on a constantly-changing basis. 
  15. I get to further educate myself by educating my students about American institutions, values, and events - both past and current.
  16. I get to work with colleagues who trust me and appreciate what I do.
  17. I have time to read lots of great books, to practice my French constantly, and also to learn Spanish as a third language.
  18. I get paid to live in France!!
  19. Sometimes I show up to a new class, nervous to meet the students and come to realize that it’s full of my favorite amazing students from last year.
  20. I get to have a new appreciation all the time about my own time in high school and being exposed to different things through sports, extracurriculars, and by being encouraged to think my own thoughts and innovative ideas.
  21. I have the opportunity to travel around France and within Europe while meeting new people and friends.
  22. I get to work in an environment that is so dynamic and literally NEVER the same from day to day.
  23. I get to practice and solidify my French.
  24. My students are extremely happy to see me when they come to class (even if I can’t always tell!)
  25. I get to watch students improve their English while they gain enormous self-confidence.
  26. I can help current teaching assistants through this blog by sharing my own experiences.
  27. I get to have a daily dose of reality checks and patience practice in the classroom - making me an overall more humble person.
  28. I’ve gotten better at advocating for myself and speaking up in less-than-favorable circumstances.
  29. I get to choose my schedule (for the most part!)
  30. I meet amazing friends from ALL over the world. 

What are some of YOUR favorite reasons? Let me know!! 


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