Turning in Documents to Your School's Secretariat as a Renewing Assistant

Or, better yet - 

"The Whirlwind Experience That Is 'Dealing
ith French Administration a Second Time Around.'"

Coming back for Part Deux of being a teaching assistant, it starts a little like this:

1. Check in with secretariat  in school's office (same school I worked at last year) to see if there are any documents needed for me to turn in again.
2. Get a response saying she never received my convocation (i.e. my folder sent in to the school saying that I would again be the English language assistant.)
3. Okay.
4. "So it's probably settled that everything is as it should be, but I'll let you know if there are any changes."
5. Okay! Merci.

6. Receive no word. Gets to be the day before the deadline of turning in documents to be able to be paid on time, at the end of the month.
7. Reach out to another returning English assistant in my area just to ask if she's heard anything.
8. Why, yes, indeed - she has! We must turn in another copy of our RIB bank slip, copies of our passport, visa, and carte vitale (health insurance card).
9. Great...... Especially since I wasn't planning on going in to school tomorrow because the teachers are participating in la grève  (a national protest) and won't be in their classes.
10. Commence low-key panicking and figure out how to get everything arranged.
11. Send an email to secretariat  about two hours before school day is to end (please, please, please respond!) asking if I do in fact need these things.
12. Receive a response. Effectivement,  yes you do in fact need these things!
13. Good news, however! I can just scan the documents and email them over to her in order to be printed directly at the school.

Glory hallelujah! It wouldn't be a French administrative task if it didn't keep us on the perpetual edges of our seats, now would it?!

Not sure if I'll get paid on time, but c'est la vie!  And, after all, it wouldn't be the first time I've been stuck in France having to live off of 1€ a day and dividing a baguette and some jambon  for breakfast and lunch (studying abroad in Paris but, alas, that's a story for another day!)

In order to get paid on time, assistants (both new and returning) must turn in the following documents to their respective administrative parties:

  • RIB slip (proof of your French bank account)
  • Copy of your passport identification pages
  • Copy of your visa page
  • (For returning assistants) Copy of your carte vitale from last year
  • Physical signature on a document stating that you are in fact at the school you're teaching (secretariat  ill have this for you)

Note: Depending on the year, this all needs to be done around the beginning-ish of October in order to be paid on time at the end of October. For me, this year in 2017, the deadline was the 10th.