Living + Teaching in Aubenas, France

Population: 11,496
Département: Ardèche

Medieval | Babacool | Hippie | Nature

Where to Drink

Where to Eat


Le Gecko
44 rue du 4 Septembre

Titou Pizza
Aren de Lattre de Tassigny

La Fabrique Givré
3 Place de l'Hôtel de Ville

Lou Castagnou
Quartier Le Blaze


e Black Sheep
16 Place Parmentier

Where to Party + Dance

Best Spot to Grab a Coffee


Grand Café Français
13 Boulevard Gambetta

Kaz Kabar
Rampe Cluchet (Joyeuse)

Must-See | Must-Do

Museums to Visit

  • Aven d'Orgnac (underground caves with guides)
  • Grottes Chauvet (prehistoric cave paintings)
  • Rock climbing in Balazuc
  • Hiking everywhere!
  • Théâtre en Cours (free theater festival in Vogüés in April)
  • Slackline festival (June in Vogüés)
  • Castle tours near Largentière
  • Saturday market in Les Vains
  • Springtime Sunday afternoon rugby matches
  • Top-rated European film festival in Aubenas (October)
  • Exploring the medieval village

Ideas for Day + Weekend Trips

  • Descente à l'Ardèche (single or multi-day kayak and canoe trips while passing under limestone arches against a background of magnificent canyons)
  • Troglodyte homes near Villeneuve-de-Berg
  • Avignon (1€ bus ride via Le Sept Transport Départemental)

Pleasant Walks

Outdoor Activities

  • Rock climbing + cave exploration
  • Kayaking + canoeing
  • Hiking + mountain biking (a very nature-oriented region!)
  • Everywhere in southern Ardèche, which is full of fossil-laden hikes, magnificent rolling hills + rugged mountain views + rivers.

Housing Examples

  • 320€ per month for a furnished apartment with a view of the château (all charges included)

Worst Things About City

Best Things About City

  • Friendly locals
  • Diverse for a small city
  • Rural, but with great restaurant options, lots of good cultural events + access to incredible nature.
  • Small size; only around 12,000 habitants
  • No train, so transportation can be tricky without a car
  • Winter is VERY calm

Pro-Tips from Past + Current Teaching Assistants

  • Don't be afraid or anxious of being in a small, rural area! I had an absolute blast for the past two years. Despite being remote, there is an incredible amount of opportunities waiting for your involvement -- sporting teams, artisinal beer tastings, festivals, concerts, clubs, etc.


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