Living + Teaching in Amiens, France

Population: 133,448
Département: Somme

Friendly | Rainy | Canals

Where to Drink

Where to Eat



Tokyo Restaurant
49 rue Vanmarcke

El Gosto
18 Place Alphonse Fiquet

Via Pizza
5 rue des Sergents

La Mangeoire
3 rue Serpents


2 rue des Bondés

English Pub
18 Port d'Amont

Tower's Pub
5 Place Alphonse Fiquet

Delirium Café
6 rue St Leu

My Goodness
15 rue Edmond Fontaine

Square Café
26 Place René Goblet

Best Spot to Grab a Coffee

Where to Party + Dance

La Croustille
6 Place Gambetta

Le Forum
8 Place Gambetta

La Cave
21 rue Saint-Fuscien

Le Carré Rouge
4 rue du Marché de Lanselles

Le Miroir
3 rue des Francs Mûriers

Museums to Visit

Must-See | Must-Do

Musée de Picardie
48 rue de la République

Maison de Jules Verne
2 rue Charles Dubois

  •  Les Hortillonages (floating market-gardens along the canal) 
  • Amiens Cathedral

Day + Weekend Trips



Baie de Somme


Pleasant Walks

Outdoor Activities

  • Parc Saint Pierre
  • Les Hortillonages
  • Hiking + strolling along the Hortillonages
  • Biking + Jogging
  • Ice-skating

Housing Examples for TAPIF Assistants

  • 420€ per month for a 20 square-meter studio apartment (utilities + wifi included)

Worst Things About Marseille

Best Things About Marseille

  • The young + lively student atmosphere of the city
  • Friendly locals
  • eautiful Christmas markets in December
  • Very cold + rainy during the winter months

Pro-Tips from Past + Current Teaching Assistants

  • It's a university city - so housing will go quickly!


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